Architectural Lighting is Good Business

architectural lighting

Like architecture itself, the lighting field has many products available to lighting design professional. Light fixtures themselves come in all shapes, sizes, wattages, lumens and colors. But Architectural Lighting is different. They are not just “another light fixture product”. When you specify architectural light fixtures, you show that you know the lighting industry. You show that you know design. You show that you will work a little harder to specify something special and unique to your client.

So Architectural Lighting is unique and is good for your bottom line too. Since Architectural Lighting is mostly specified for middle to higher end projects, the lighting budget is usually well funded and the customer requires your expertise rather than a low balled price.

So where can you specify Architectural Lighting? They are not just for lavish board rooms in law firms. Architectural Lighting, also called decorative lighting, upgraded lighting and some similar names are mostly used in conference rooms, but they are a nice upgrade to any office or retail space.

Some of our Architectural Lighting projects here at Superior Lighting were offices, high end retail stores, and schools. End customers include New York University Hospital among others.

Architectural Lighting are one of the first items we offered here at Superior Lighting. They are still one of the products we still do in house manufacturing and custom specifications in addition to the other brands we represent like Lithonia, Lamar Lighting and much more.

So if you are a lighting designer or architect working on a job specification, think Architectural Lighting. The possibilities are just endless. No other product can be offered with so many features. Up and down lighting is just one of them. They are a great design choice and are good for business.

Contact Superior Lighting for help with your next Architectural Lighting project. Your client will thank you and so will we.