LED Retrofit Ideas for Residential Applications

So if you are reading this LED lighting blog post, you sure know already what retrofit lighting is. But did you know that retrofit is not just for commercial or industrial lighting?

In this article, we are going to explore some ideas of how to convert residential lighting to LED. Of course, the biggest benefits are for hotels or multifamily building owners. By converting your existing lighting to LED you will save electricity. You will also be saving a lot of money over the lifetime of the fixture by not having to change the light bulbs at all.

Keyston Sconce LED Retrofit

Keyston Sconce LED Retrofit

Before we share some ideas, let’s first define what retrofit lighting really is.

The simple definition for retrofit is to add (a component or accessory) to something that did not have it when manufactured. So to “LED Retrofit a Light Fixture” is the process of converting a standard or older model light fixture to LED lighting.

Now, before you start sweating and think I’m not the DIY type of guy or gal, relax. You can change most light fixtures and make them instantly energy efficient by just changing the light bulb to an LED light bulb. Over the past two years, LED light bulbs really came down in price. A single candelabra LED light bulb is no longer costing over twenty dollars each. They are also now available in more styles and shapes than ever. However, doing this is not true retrofitting. You are just changing a light bulb.

To really “convert” a light fixture to LED, you will have to open the cover, remove the socket and install a retrofit kit that includes the driver and chip (boards) all in one. Until just recently, these type of kits were only available for industrial and commercial light fixtures. But now, there are quiet a few companies making quality LED retrofit kits for residential light fixtures. These are perfect for hotels, apartment building, nursing homes and anywhere where there a lot of decorative lighting fixtures and you don’t want to replace the entire fixture. By using these “Decorative LED Retrofit Kits” you can convert an existing decorative light fixture into a true energy saving LED light fixture. Your will see instant saving on your energy bills and mother earth will thank you too.

One company that invested a lot of resources in LED Retrofit Kits is Keystone Technologies. For decorative light fixtures they have kits for Linear, Circular, Rectangular and Sconce fixtures.

We stock a full line of Keystone Technologies retrofit kits. In fact, we use Keystone LED Drivers and boards in some of our own decorative lighting fixtures. We also have retrofit kits from many other fine manufactures including Maxlite, Fulham, Osram Sylvania and more.
Contact us today for all your retrofit needs.

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