Project Based Lighting Quotes

lighting plan specificationMore Help with Your Project Based Lighting Quotes

Due to a high demand for our service that we provide special project based quotation, we hired more staff to help quote our customers quotes.

We are now better positioned to provide special quotes for your projects. That means a faster turn around for our customers and more jobs secured and closed. This services provides special quotes on projects you work for. Our team will work closely with you, and if needed, we the architect and designers who specified the job.

We have all seen lighting plans where every detail is specified, the right way. But sometimes, the lighting products specified is not complete. Required accessories are not detailed or missing. Items like LED drivers, light fixture housings, trims, etc. We will help you in creating a special report for all the lighting needed on your special job projects and give you an accurate quote. This will prevent the lighting project from running over budget and have a happy end user customer.

So no matter what type of lighting job you are working on, let us give you a helping hand and let our experienced and professional in house team help you close the deal by quickly quoting you from the job specifications.

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