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Superior Lighting Stock Is Constantly Changing to Reflect the Latest in Lighting Trends and Technology

New Lighting ProductsHere, at Superior Lighting, our buyers, sales people and management are constantly on the lookout for new lighting products and changing trends in the lighting industry. We are always eager to try out new lighting products and lighting designs so we new ideas to offer to our customers.

Energy Efficiency Lighting Technology Changes

The lighting industry is constantly changing. Just a very short while ago, fluorescent light technology was considered to be the most energy efficient light available. Then LED took over. And is has not stopped. In fact, LED is becoming more and more energy efficient and prices have dropped dramatically in the past year.

Lithonia OLWCM LED Outdoor Ceiling-Mount Area Light

Lithonia OLWCM LED Outdoor Ceiling-Mount Area Light

Just a year ago, most manufactures would compare LED light bulbs to incandescent light bulbs on the light bulb (and later retrofit kits) label. The term Equivalent to or Replaces a 60 Watt bulb was used. As LED bulbs become more energy efficient, manufactures are labeling their products more and more as the total “Lumens”. They use much more the term “Lumens per Watt”.


So we here at Superior Lighting make sure to always be on top of the latest lighting products. If a certain manufactures item was using 13 watts, but now uses only 9 watts for the same product, we will try our best to upgrade our stock.

Lighting Designs and Trends

Lighting changes are not just happening in energy efficiency and the actual technical details. Lighting has changed very much in the past few years in the DESIGN area. No longer can you just offer your customer a few choices. There are so many new capabilities now with LED lighting. And so much more confusing too.

Nora Lighting LED Revo Remote Control Track Fixture

N-Spec introduces REVO, the industry’s first afforable motorized track head that can be adjusted with a hand-held remote.

We, here at Superior Lighting make sure to be on top of the latest lighting design trends. So we know what to offer you so you have the latest products to offer your customer. No matter of you are a developer, building contractor or an electrical installer. We know the latest styles and the latest trends from the top lighting brands around the world.